Monday, October 29, 2012

Horse in Winter

Horse in Winter

Uffington, 1964

chalk supple
stretch in mid-stride
holds my stare
to the downs

sharp silhouetted
clean profiled
the eye a stop
to my eye

snow fall
from nowhere
covers the grass

look to the scarp
to see the horse
as nothing

© Martin Porter 2012

This is a simple descriptive piece with no punctuation. The “i” is left lower case as using a capital “I” gives it a significance that is not necessary in the poem.

Poems with limited punctuation can raise controversy. Avoiding the obvious punctuation maintains the simplicity of the description, relying on the line and stanza breaks to provide the indicators for the reader.

To further assist the reader the location and date of the event being recalled is included.

The Uffington Horse is one of the more famous ancient monuments in England and has been well preserved, despite the occasional defacement as an act of vandalism of for ill-judged publicity.

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